Nudity Policy & Expectations


contact for questions regarding policy

1) Behaviour or activities which disrupt the harmony of the Club, such as profanity, rudeness, lewd or overt sexual conduct of any kind will not be permitted.

2)Total nudity is required anywhere in the pools and pool deck. 

3)When nude always use your towel to sit on.

4) Read all pool rules and shower with soap and water. Rinse well before entering any of the pools

5) Do not bring any of your own food or beverages (including water) to the clubhouse and pool decks.

6) NO cell phones, cameras, laptops, or iPads allowed anywhere inside the fenced area of the clubhouse, any of the pool areas, or on any of the hotel balconies. NO PHOTOGRAPHS OF ANY KIND PERMITTED IN THESE AREAS.

7)Campfires are restricted to campers that have resort provided fire rings. No outside firewood permitted. 

8) Any bags brought to the pool deck must be see through.


**For a full list of rules ask management for details**