April 29, 2021 – Update Based on Bylaw Officer Visit

April 29, 2021 – Update Based on Bylaw Officer Visit

  • Posted by Ponderosa Nature Resort
  • On April 29, 2021

We have recently had a visit from the Bylaw Officer with regard to our operations during the current Ontario Covid-19 Lockdown.

Note that no visitors are allowed to the park whether you have a membership or not.  No visitors from other lots are allowed in your home or on your lot.  The only exception is that a single resident may visit with one other household and only one.  If you are single, choose who you will socialize with and stick with them. You are not allowed visit any other households but the one you choose as your exclusive household.

Seasonal site occupants are permitted for day use only to maintain their unit and/or lots. An RV is not considered a second residence and therefore no seasonal occupancy is permitted overnight with the exception of snowbirds who have no other residence and are in need of housing.  The 14 day rule is for those who have no other permanent residence or those who own multiple residences and choose to reside the entire 14 days at the park. You may not reside in two locations during that 14 days.  Again, all other seasonals may come to their sites for clean up but you cannot stay overnight.

This will last until May 20th, when the current stay at home order ends (if it ends, friends).